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2 - two programs in one
New version of Images Index Creator was released and official name was changed to Images & Video Index Creator. Main new feature of the version is video files scan and capture single images from the video. If you will not use this feature you can read about thumbnails program part - Images Index Creator (click). Images & Video Index Creator is different from others competitive programs at above all full video files reading and saving frames for example every one second or also every single frame.

Images Index Creator description (click)

Video Index Creator description
Why I need video index from ?
I have recorded lot of MiniDV videotapes (you can see part of this on picture) from our family life and it is difficult or impossible searching certain scenes or suitable shots for example for inserting to videoclip or edited video used for example as present to my son's grandparents... Becouse I was not found similar program, with mentoined quality, I developed the program my self. Result is Imageš & Video Index Creator 2.0 with video part given especially to index creating from wide video files for example your camcoder shots.

How to use ?
First capture your videotape to computer with your like video capture program (I not want supply this function), or use any video file directly. Next run Video Index Creator over your video files. Program creates continuous picture line from your video. If you like it, you can use Images Index Creator more so you can make HTML page from captured pictures. And you not need another program! becouse Images & Video Index Creator are two programs in one! Synoptic index created every 5 seconds from hour video take only 2MB! at 75% jpeg quality. So you can put indexed 350 hour videotapes! on one CD. You can store little capacity video indexes on your hard disk ready for quick use.

        > Sample of video index from hour videotape captured every 5 seconds
        > Sample of index with structure of directory
        > Sample of index without structure of directory

Video Index Creator 2:
  - possibility of slideshow (new in 2.10)
  - possibility of capture images at specify time periodically
  - possibility of capture all frames from video
  - possibility of video deinterlace
  - possibility of maximal number of captures pictures setting
  - possibility of creating index of pictures and index of video simultaneously
  - possibility of name pictures after time code
  - video index require DirectX 8 and higher (not Windows NT supported)
news in Images Index Creator 2.0 against 1.0 version:
  - possibility of resize the directory images independently
  - possibility of tbumbnails file names description
  - possibility of changing the font and align thumbnails description
  - possibility of setting the thumbnails quality (jpg quality/compression)
  - command line support (creating images index automatically)
  - tabs arrange
  - supported formats are JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, DIB, WMF, EXIF, EMF, Icons
  - and newly added TIFF, PCX, TGA, APM, PSD, PCD, TLA, WBMP
Images Index Creator 1.0 features
  - possibility of view of all your pictures on one HTML page
  - possibility of changing the size of the views
  - possibility of changing the size of the template, from what are the HTML pages are composed
  - possibility of not observing the proportion of the pages at the thumbnails (stretch)
  - possibility of changing the fonts for description of directories
  - possibility of changing the colour or the picture background whole pages or only individual views and directories
  - possibility of filtration of the pictures included in the index according to the size or names
  - possibility of the choice of absolute or relevant references to the pictures
  - possibility of saving the index to the different directory (with absolute path)
  - possibility of opening the picture in the new window
  - possibility of creating the index without overwriting already done views (complementing of index)
  - support of diacritics and other coding characters
  - possibility of coding bequests (%XX) including of support UTF-8 (being in use in Apache web server in Windows)
  - supported formats are JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, DIB, WMF, EXIF, EMF a Icons

From the added picture is obvious, that the managing of the Index Creator is very easy and user friendly.

Images Index Creator description
The program, which helps you create a thumbnails on your pictures or photographs in integral arrangements on one page of HTML or in sustentative directory structure. The program is primary developed for creation of views above yours directories (or full CD e.g.) with a lot of pictures or photographs, so you can easy and quickly orient your self there and look-search after these views. Particular sample of the usage is with the digital photographs or offline copy of the web pages with the wallpapers.

The final overview is saved as a HTML page and you are able to expose it on each computer including other operating systems and of course without necessity of installation of another program, because the Internet Explorer or another compatible viewer with javascript and CSS styles (Netscape, Mozilla, Opera e.g.) is preinstalled on each computer. The pages do not use non-standard HTML elements, so there fore the compatibility with other viewers is guaranteed. So then you can simply burn the index together with the photographs and you will obtain the integral overview for you easy orientation over your picture CD. Because the created index over CD full of photographs has the capacity around 10MB, you can easily keep your index on your hard disk and search after your photographs, without having your picture CD presented in your CD mechanic. Furthermore, you can the created index placed one to one straight to the Internet. Any other background changes are very simple in created index. The HTML pages, downloads also extra javascript and CCS styles, which are separately saved and the only one changeover will change the design of all the views. Terrific advantage is overview of all pictures from all directories on the one HTML page...

If you are creating offline copies of the web pages e.g. with wallpapers (also called background for Windows and e.g.), you can in case of creating the index filter according to the size or to the name of the picture, which should appear in index, this way you will obtain easily overviews on one HTML page of all the wallpapers with certain size, without any commercial pictures or another disturbing pictures with different size.
The HTML pages are created from templates, where are predefined pieces of HTML codes. As long as you are comfortable in development of HTML pages, you can change the view of your index completely from the basis.

The information you will obtain on e-mail address geniuz@geniuz.cz
Price of the Images & Video Index Creator is USD $49.

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